NORTH Yorkshire Police have released information about fixed penalty notices they have issued for coronavirus breaches between December 2 and January 5.

In total 194 were given to local residents, 161 to visitors, nine for outdoor gatherings, 334 for indoor gathering – 51 per cent (171) of those have been in the Scarborough district.

Meaning a total of 355.

Speaking about the number of FPNs issued in Scarborough for breaches of the indoor gathering rules, Chief Inspector Rachel Wood said: “While the majority of Scarborough residents have followed the guidance and understood the rules around social gatherings, unfortunately the figures show that there was a minority of people who chose to openly flout the rules and host and attend house parties.

“Our Neighbourhood Policing Teams attended a number of incidents over the festive season and had to take enforcement action, as sadly some people did not disperse and go home when instructed.

“I cannot stress enough how serious our current situation is. As a nation we have moved into new national restrictions and we are being told to once again stay home to save lives and protect our health service. We are seeing infection rates rise and the impact of the virus and the new more transmissible strain is really being felt by our hospitals and healthcare colleagues. People are losing their loved ones to this virus every day."