SCHOOL leaders who sent out an inspirational message amid the confusion of the new restrictions on coronavirus have been applauded by parents.

Bedale High School’s 500 pupils were due to go back to school on Wednesday, but Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s announcement of a total lockdown on Monday evening meant the school was forced to close, except for a small number of pupils of key workers, at short notice along with every other school in England.

Within hours headteacher Tom Kelly sent out a message to pupils and parents.

He said: “Like the rest of us, you will still be letting the news sink in after the PM’s announcements. Parents will be worrying about balancing work and managing children at home again. Students will be worrying about missing their friends and their lessons.

“And Year 11’s will be worrying about what happens now after that vague announcement regarding ‘not all exams being able to go ahead’. I wish I could give you more answers now, but hopefully they will follow in time as we learn more.

“However, I can tell you that every single member of our school staff came in, ready and willing to do all that they can to support our students and their families.

“We learned a lot from the last lockdown and the one thing I know for sure is that we are completely committed and determined to protect the education of our students, and to support you as families over the coming weeks.

“Year 11s, please try not to worry. We know you, we know what you are capable of, and we will work with whatever plan the government comes up with to ensure that you are not short-changed.

“We will be in touch soon to invite you and your parents to a virtual meeting when we can share more information. We tackle this together, like our brilliant community always does.”

Parents thanked the school for their quick and supportive action. One father said: “Brilliant response. I am in awe at your calm and professional response. Keep going Bedale High School.”

A mother added: “Thank you and in return let us know how we can help you. We appreciate you are all doing your best for our children whilst juggling your own families too.”

Another parent responded: “Thank you Bedale High School for all you are doing to support our children, parents and community.”