ADMINISTRATION seems to be a difficult subject for Northallerton Town Council at the current time. At their online meeting this week there was mounting fear that they could even be in breach of the law in connection with a protocol they didn't have on the Freedom of Information Act.

Members were told a health check by the Yorkshire Local Councils Association had come up with 70 matters that needed addressing.

A locum clerk has been drafted in and Mayor councillor David Richardson said this had been a bonus, two staff are understood to be off.

He added: "The council has been in a state of disarray for a period of time, on the YLCA health check there is very little that has been addressed on the back of that. There is a lot to do. I am on this council to do good for the town, I would ask that we pull together and crack on for the town."

Councillor John Prest said they had been without a clerk for most of the last year. He said a business would not be able to run in the same way and called on councillors to 'get on'.

Locum clerk Alexandra Little revealed they could also be in breach of the transparancy code and that should be addressed as a matter of urgency, along with work needed on the website.

A major concern was that as part of the Christmas lights a design created by one of the local children in a competition run by the council had not been commissioned.

Cllr Richardson said they were extremely disappointed and no one wanted to let children down but the order had not been made. Members were told that an order was being made to ensure the light would be available for future displays.