THE results of a major two-year archaeological investigation into a village’s ancient past have been published.

The community of Thornton-le-Street, near Northallerton was given a £94,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to go down Roads to the Past and see what they could find out about who and what had shaped the world around them.

They brought together experienced archaeologists and volunteers and organised digs, and the results of their work is now being published with a 40 page book entitled Thornton-le-Street – The Archaeology and History in its Landscape.

Anne Stockdale, one of the project’s organisers, said: “This book is a key legacy from the Heritage Lottery funded project, Roads to the Past. It brings together information with memories, friendships forged and opening doors for people to work with others whilst better understanding heritage. It’s also a resource showing what others could achieve in their own projects.

“This book is a journey through time, charting a voyage through the past of Thornton-le-Street. We see the formation of the land, the early settling of the area and explore the lives of some of the residents, this is all illuminated by the work we did during the Roads to the Past project. We hope people will enjoy travelling with us.”

The back cover of the book says: “Join us on a journey into the past. Discover the story of a village and its people from the time of our earliest ancestors, through its medieval heyday and onto its place in the modern landscape of North Yorkshire.”

The project ran between 2017 and 2019 and brought together a large group of dedicated volunteers and residents.

Copies are £5 plus £1.50 P&P, order by emailing Anne Stockdale at or telephone 01845 527 717.