CRAFTERS who have spent lockdown creating a community quilt are making sure their hard work pays off by raffling it to raise money for Hambleton Foodshare.

Morton Quilters Group led by Ainderby Steeple artist and teacher Sandra Morgan meets once a month and works towards an annual exhibition where a community quilt is raffled for charity.

This year meetings were cancelled and with no exhibition it was feared no community quilt would be made. However, the group were able to portion up blocks to be sewn by each member in isolation and that was joined to create the quilt.

Mrs Morgan said: "During the first lockdown we were all reminded how important home is. And at the heart of the home is the hearth, providing warmth and light.The design of the quilt is a well-known log cabin pattern, symbolic of the hearth."

Participants in the raffle make a £5 donation to Food Share online at!/ and email Morton Quilters at helenw@me to enter.