SCARBOROUGH now has one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country, with a rate higher than Bradford, Bolton and Burnley.

Latest figures published by Public Health England showed a rolling rate of 579.3 cases per 100,000 population in the seven days to November 10.

That compares with just 176.1 in York, 186 in neighbouring Ryedale, 311.8 across the whole of North Yorkshire and a national average for the whole of England of 264.4.

It also compares with 457 in Bolton, 547.8 in Bradford and 443.1 in Burnley - three towns and cities that have had some of the worst coronavirus rates at different times during the pandemic.

Richard Flinton, chief executive of North Yorkshire County Council, raised concerns last Wednesday about the rising rate in several parts of the county.

He said infection rates were soaring in many areas after the county had been doing very well and gone into the current lockdown in the lowest tier of intervention.

"We now have three areas above the England average, which is 245. Hambleton stands at 263, Harrogate at 295 and levels in Scarborough have soared to 463."The latter's figure has since worsened.

Mr Flinton said: "I feel sure that as a county – when faced with the stark statistics on such an important day as this – we will want to rise to the challenge and come together as the team we can be to overcome the current threat to our families, our friends and our way of life."