A CHEQUE for £10,800 raised by Darlington Farmers Auction Mart (DFAM) was this week presented to Darlington MIND.

Representatives of the mart have thanked all those who made the donation possible following its move out of the town centre.

A spokesperson said: "Following our recent move from Clifton Road to Humbleton Park we have witnessed some extreme generosity from our fantastic customers on both the buying and selling side of the sale ring.

"In 2012 our great friend and colleague Stephen Aitken tragically took his own life. Stephen’s memory will live forever in DFAM, the mental health of all our staff and customers will always be of paramount importance, we are then incredibly humbled to have presented the extraordinary amount of £10,800 to Darlington MIND.

"The wonderful donations did not stop there as the memory of Reuben Walton inspired our faithful customers to donate £1,420 to The Brain Tumour Charity with a further £300 donated to the Great North Air Ambulance.

"All of us here at DFAM wish to offer our sincere thanks to all who kindly donated, both at our closing sales on Clifton Road and at our first sales at Humbleton Park we have been truly staggered by the generosity shown.

"Specific thanks are offered to the following people/businesses and may we offer sincere apologies to any who have been missed off the list; Andrew Atkinson; Wayne Armstrong; Elliot Ritchie-Bland; the Bolton family; the Burton family; the Dodsworth family; Scott Ferrie; Paul Gentry; Ted Harrison; Gerald Horn; the Hunt family; Michael Jewitt; Simon Jenna; Huw Jones; Peter Monkhouse; John Musgrave; Michael Robinson; Roots Farm Shop; John Simpson; Ali Shann; Anthony Schofield; Keith Tallentire; Johnathon Todd; Thompson Wholesale; David Thornton; G & E Walton; F W Walton; Woolley Brothers; John and Margaret Worsley."