A FOOTBALL team famous for it sausage-based kits has gone vegan for its latest design.

Bedale AFC, sponsored by Heck Food, have sported shirts and shorts bearing everything from sizzling bangers to hot dogs with ketchup and mustard.

But this season their kit features a giant carrot, complete with cheese grater goalkeeper shirt to showcase the new range of "Veg with Edge" bangers made by Heck, and in the process, hope to raise cash for Prostate Cancer UK.

The North Yorkshire team's original sausage-themed kit was launched in 2017, and gained global media attention, even being voted one of the worst ever.

After being inundated with requests from people wanting to buy the shirts, more were produced, with £5 from ever sale donated to the charity.

The 2018 design featured a hot dog, and the 2019 bangers and mash kit made headlines when it fell foul of FA rules.

Club chairman Martyn Coombs said: "I’m sure they can’t complain this year about a carrot kit or cheese grater goalie kit. Anyway, the sausage and mash kit realised over £1,000 for Prostate Cancer."

Heck co-founder, Andrew Keeble said: "We’ve been delighted to enjoy this partnership with Bedale AFC and to have some fun along the way. What started as an innocuous sausage kit a few years ago has snowballed into this massive, almost unstoppable force that shows no sign of letting up. Every time we think that’s it, we get another idea for a new kit and away we go again.

"However, there is a very serious side to all of this because Heck and Bedale AFC continue to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, which kills 11,000 men a year, one every 45 minutes. It is vital that all men as they approach 50 have regular checks because there is a much higher success rate if the disease is caught early."

To find out how to order any of the Bedale AFC Heck football kits, search for Bedale AFC and follow the links or go to historicfootballshirts.co.uk