SO the Extinction Rebellion group are at it again, blocking roads and causing a nuisance in the name of saving the environment.

No one can argue with their core message - that we are irreparably damaging the planet and need to change our ways before it's too late.

But it's no surprise that the group's methods are being met with public anger.

Preventing people from getting to work on public transport just as the economy is trying to grind back into life doesn't seem like the most helpful way to make a point about the wider environment right now.

Particularly as the latest ten day protests come during a ban on mass gatherings that has seen law-abiding people cancel special and sacred events to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

One can't help thinking that Extinction Rebellion's time would be better served carrying out actual work in their local communities.

Groups across our area regularly get their hands dirty to make real improvements to the local environment.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

From mass litter picks, to groups like Sustainable Swaledale, volunteer bridge menders and waterway uncloggers and many others who truly care for the environment and put that passion into useful action.

North Yorkshire is a hotbed of community-minded folk who would sooner pick up a bag of rubbish in their locale than travel to London to lie in a road to show how much they care.

In a month that sees Keep Britain Tidy launch its Big Clean Up campaign, perhaps Extinction Rebellion could take a leaf out of those volunteers' books who are quietly making a difference every day.