A CYCLIST whose life was saved by her helmet has urged other riders to always wear one.

Fiona Wyne, was badly injured in the crash losing her front teeth, broken ribs and a cut to the back of her head. But the North Yorkshire cyclist says the important thing is the helmet prevented fatal injuries.

Fiona added: "I was genuinely shocked when I saw the bashing my helmet got, that could have been my skull. If I’d not been wearing a helmet, I know for sure I would not be here to tell the tale."

Fiona, from the village of Hambleton, was riding between Malton and Easingwold when the accident happened as a vehicle passed her. She was knocked unconscious and airlifted to hospital as paramedics feared the worst. The cyclist is still struggling with the aftermath of concussion and her balance is affected but she was determined to cycle again. "I’ve shared my story because I can. If you're out on a bike, no matter how confident or indestructible you feel, or how short a journey, please wear a helmet"