A THEATRE, leisure centre and radio station are teaming up to put on an outdoors pantomime in August.

The Majestic Theatre, in Darlington, is teaming up with Aycliffe Radio to put on Little Red Riding Hood outside at ROF59 in Newton Aycliffe on August 22 and 23, with multiple shows a day.

Aycliffe Radio have been putting on their own drive in events and is now supporting the theatre with staging and equipment, allowing them to put on a socially distanced, outdoor performance of Little Red Riding Hood.

The theatre's events and entertainment director Hayley Thompson said: "This is our first outdoor event and first working with another company. It is exciting to work in a different venue and experience a new atmosphere.

"We are so grateful. This could be a possibility to help raise funds we have lost to then begin our maintenance work that was planned before Covid-19.

"We are so excited to get back to what we love. All of our team are experienced in the performing industry and we all are inputting our own efforts to ensure that it is fun and successful.

"This is the first step to bring back life to our theatre and we wont be stopping here."

Ms Thompson says the show will go on even if it rains.

She added: "More events are currently being planned such as a band night and a halloween pantomime back in our lovely theatre. All to help bring back our budget for wheelchair access, escape room and for our Christmas pantomime Dick Whittington."

Early bird tickets are available until August 1 and can be bought at ticketsource.co.uk/majestic-theatre