A DALES bowling cub celebrated its centenary with a smaller than planned match and a glass or two of bubbly.

Leyburn Bowling Club was established in 1920 when a group of six local businessmen, acting as trustees for the club, purchased a patch of land off Moor Road for the princely sum of £70 and created a bowling green. A wooden pavilion at a further cost of £66 was also added.

The Green was officially opened by the President Captain, H R Chapman at 2pm, on Wednesday, June 23, that same year, which was conveniently, half day in the town. It was followed by a tea at 4.30pm at a cost of one shilling each to guests. Subscriptions for the year in 1920 were a pricey 10s for men and 5s for ladies. There were 36 men and 21 lady members.

Club Rule 11 stated: “Ladies are requested not to wear high heeled boots when playing on the green”. The first match contested was played against a Bedale side on Wednesday August 4.

As part of this year’s planned centenary celebrations that same match was to be replayed against Bedale on August 4. Although bowling was allowed to recommence in June, the many restrictions and social distancing meant the planned re-match had to be cancelled.

At the moment only four players are allowed on the green at any one time and all leagues and competitions have been cancelled for the remainder of the year.

On the day marking the official centenary, four members were determined to mark the occasion. Paul Hayter, Simon Godden, Peter Johnson and Roger Jay held a cheerful afternoon a game followed by photos and a glass of bubbly to mark the slightly muted but none the less heartfelt celebrations.