COMMUNITY group The Wombles of Hambleton has done its first post-lockdown litter pick in Northallerton.

The pick was unusual in that the group had to limit numbers, include Covid-19 on its risk assessment, socially distance at all times and tackle separate areas.

In just one hour members picked 35 sacks of litter around the North Northallerton area.

Claire Hampson from the group said: “It was great for even just a few of our members to see each other again after lockdown. Our group is vital not only to tackle a huge environmental issue but also for the mental and physical health of its members as we pick and chat at the same time. It’s excellent therapy.

“Some had continued solo picking throughout lockdown and a huge drop in litter was noted but sadly the amount is rising again, especially picking up PPE now (many masks and gloves).

“One of our younger members, Joseph Graham, a design student at Darlington College, made a selfie frame for us to use at the start of each pick and as I am sure you can agree from the photo, it has been a big hit amongst the Wombles. He certainly has a talent!”

The group has now collected a total of 802 sacks in just six months.