A MUM has given birth to one of Britain’s biggest babies during lockdown.

Born at Darlington Memorial Hospital, baby Cole Taylor entered the world on May 2 and weighted a whopping 11lb 6oz.

Mum Vicky Taylor delivered the newborn with only gas and air.

Cole's big brother Owen, who is now four, was also a big baby weighing 10lb when he was born.

"I was told that Cole was 9lb at the latest growth scan," said Mrs Taylor.

"I'll never forget the midwives face when he was born. She lifted him up, and said 'that's not a 9lb baby.'

"When I first showed my friends and families photos of Cole, they told me he looked like he was three months old.

"The midwife at Darlington Memorial confirmed he was the biggest baby they have delivered during lockdown."

Emma Fearon, from Cheshire, made headlines in June when she delivered a baby boy weighing the exact same as Cole, which was declared the biggest baby born in lockdown.