THE future of the Albert Memorial in the Valley Gardens at Saltburn has been the subject of concern in recent years.

Apart from the continual abuse of the structure by local graffiti writers and physical vandalism, the building has been subject to fundamental structural challenges. Saltburn Valleys CIO, the charity which assists in the managing of the three valleys in Saltburn, has now commissioned an architectural survey of the structure. Scaffolding surrounded the Memorial this week to allow detailed inspection by surveyors.

The findings will be reported in due course with recommendations for any refurbishment works.

Philip Thomson, chairman of the Saltburn Valleys, has indicated that considerable refurbishment may be necessary and he has already set the ball in motion to raise funds for the necessary work.

Until such time as the repairs are undertaken, the Memorial will be fenced off from public access.

The process of fund raising and actual repairs could take many months.

The Conservation Management Plan for all three valleys commissioned by the CIO has been completed after two years of preparation and recommendations are being considered for programmes of remediation and enhancement.