AMID the strange world of coronavirus it's hard to know what is a good sign and what isn't.

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire Julia Mulligan has been holding fortnightly briefing sessions with the leaders of the Local Resilience Forum, the umbrella group of emergency services, to update the media and the public on how it's all going.

The press and public could pre submit questions for the virtual gathering and even though they weren't always answered, particularly early on as to exactly where the infections and the deaths have been, it has generally been informative.

There are usually internet issues, Julia Mulligan and Chief Constable Lisa Winward had to give up this week because they kept freezing, but Dr Lincoln Sargeant, Director of Public Health for North Yorkshire appeared giving information about test and trace and generally being enlightening.

This was a breath of fresh air because Dr Sargeant not only has a medical background, he was a lecturer in Epidemiology at Cambridge, and importantly is very user friendly.

He was informative and considered and actually seemed to answer the questions as best he possibly could.

The sad news is Mrs Mulligan announced that was the last public briefing, is this because the pandemic is nearly over? We doubt it. There will be accountability meetings but it won't be the same.

That seems a shame because what particularly came out of this briefing is that it's going to be very much more down to encouraging individuals to fight the fight themselves against this unprecented crisis as government restrictions are relaxed. Here's a tip, use your best weapons for the public campaign needed, Lincoln gets our vote.