DEMOCRACY according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary which you would expect would know about this kind of thing is :"(State having) government by all the people, direct or representative." Parliament and others seem to be tying themselves into knots trying to ensure the democratic process is abided by in the current world of social distancing.

So Spectator has to applaud Bedale Town Council for having a good stab at it and putting out what is a pretty big decision for the community to them, the very people who will probably be most affected. With the relaxing of restrictions and outdoor markets reopening, it's understood the council could restart the ever popular Saturday car boot sale, with extensive arrangements to keep people apart. While the council is responsible for them, contractors run them with the help of different people from local charities who take a cut of the gate money and can make more through bucket collections regularly bringing in over £1,000 a day for many local good causes.

It also brings in a few thousand pounds for the council towards tax receipts. All in all it seems to work well and brings people into the town on a weekend.

But the council which has an online meeting on Monday to decide what to do, is very aware it's potentially a divisive thing. Many people are still concerned about the coronavirus and exactly how they could keep people apart, while others are desperate to get out to the car boot. So the council has asked people to tell them what they think and say any decision to re-open will take into account the safety of all concerned, irrespective of any loss of income. Online around two thirds are so far saying not yet, looks like democracy in action.