DOGS home, Maxi's Mates has benefitted from a large donation, gathered by the lockdown walking efforts of Guisborough father and son, Sean Gleeson and Louis, 19.

In April, Sean and Louis heard about the plight of Maxi's Mates at Carlin Howe Farm, Guisborough, which, with 32 stray dogs homed at the farm, was struggling with finance for the upkeep of the dogs.

Sean and Louis set up a sponsorship fund in aid of the dogs home, which involved walking daily from their home in Pease Court, Guisborough, through the woods to and from the top of Roseberry Topping for 32 days, one for each dog, as part of their allowed exercise from home. Each day, they walked 8.25km (5.1 miles) climbed 567ft up Roseberry Topping, (summit at 1,050ft), as well as another steep smaller climb up Little Roseberry.

In total, they climbed more than 18,000ft and walked more than 160 miles in the 32 days. On the final day, they walked a further five miles, taking in Captain Cook’s Monument and Guisborough Highcliff, accompanied by grandfather, Brian Gleeson, as far as the Roseberry Topping summit.

Donations were made online and their target was to raise £250 for Maxi's Mates, however they actually raised the impressive sum of £1,300.

Maxi's Mates Rescue and Rehoming Centre opened in 2016 at Carlin Howe Farm, following the closure of Waterfall Kennels. It a dedicated charity that helps all stray dogs, regardless of breed or age. Donations can still be made at