WITH the lockdown easing slightly, many of us are still confined to home and looking for an alternative means of entertainment.

If the word ‘podcast’ is mystery to you following some simple steps can unlock a world of audio entertainment that you can enjoy at your own pace and choosing.

Described as “on-demand internet radio talks”, or digital audio files available via the Internet which you can downloading to a computer or mobile device eg phone or tablet. They are usually part of a series which if you subscribe to, each new instalment is arrives automatically.”

Typically they are audio recordings of a conversation between a host and a guest speaker, similar to a radio programme, or one person sharing their thoughts on any particular subject.

Listening to podcasts is easier than often thought. Most portable digital devices such as phones or tablets have an application or ‘app’ to make the process easier. Alternatively you can search across the web for podcasts/ plus (your interests eg. coin collecting) as many are located on a website such as the BBC, ITunes or Acast, although you may need to register; most are free to listen to.

Subject matters are limitless ranging from sport to politics or any conceivable interest or affiliation. My own favourite is “We Have ways of making you talk”.

These are rather niche conversations on World War Two subjects with Al Murray the Pub Landlord who is a knowledgeable historian and author and historian James Holland. Listening-in is akin to being involved in their usually light-hearted discussion. They often have interesting guests and listeners can ask questions and join in the debate via social media.

Failing these guidelines, you can always ask a teenager of course; but that’s another subject.