AN artist has created a petition in order to save her mural from possibly being removed.

A hobby artist in Richmond was commissioned to paint the mural on the side of York House emporium by the owner of the building, Christine Swift, after a planning application for the mural was submitted on Wednesday, February 26.

However, after objections to Richmondshire District Council regarding the mural, there are fears that the application could now be under threat.

Jackie Stubbs, the creator of the mural – who suffers from ME, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome – said: “I’m overwhelmed by the support for the petition, I feel like a mini Banksy.

"I never had the chance to finish the mural as it was delayed by heavy rain.

"I hoped to get the chance to put the final touches to Alfie the border collie and a Welcome to Richmond from York House emporium.

“I was thrilled and honoured when Christine Swift, the lovely lady who owns the shop, asked me to consider doing a mural.

“Reading through the comments on the petition I believe most people appreciate something different on what was just a blank weather worn gable end.

“I was apprehensive that I would not physically be able to manage it as my condition prevents me from many things. Luckily I had a good couple of days to work on it – but I paid for it later”

The petition was created to protect the mural by a friend of Jackie, Aaron Auton, aged 21, from Brompton on Swale.

He said: “I saw this lovely lady put up a post on Facebook and thought what a lovely thing she was doing, and she didn’t think it would be as popular as it was.

"I thought I would give her a hand and set up the petition for her

“It seems to me it’s popular, the petition now has 2,000 signatures."

Mr Auton said he fears the council may now order the mural to be painted over.

A Richmond District Council spokesperson said: “Richmondshire District Council has not taken a decision on this issue, it’s a pending planning application that is still to be determined.

"The council has the petition and it, along with all other representations, will be given consideration in the determination of the application. There is no date set for the application to be considered."