What is this world if full of Covid bugs

That keep us from our friendly hugs?

Shops shut. Pubs closed

And every day the question posed

“How long must this go on?

Clapping for NHS heroes on a Thursday night

As we hear of their daily fight

To free the world of this disease

And listen to their tearful pleas.

Children now learning from home

Ramblers wanting to continue to roam

While Captain, now Colonel Tom

Performs his daily garden prom.

Virtual meetings held by Zoom

Connecting family, friends, colleagues in their room

Daily bulletins on the TV

Giving us stats and instructions to keep us free.

Discovering pleasures once cast aside

Due to busy lives that made us slide

Away from reading, cooking and crafting

And concentrate on daily grafting.

Suddenly the thoughts of community hold our sway

As we discover what we can do every day

To help our neighbours in distress or need

And gain satisfaction in performing a simple deed.

Kindness and caring will win the day

Over this infection that holds us in its way

So we can look at how we cope

And learn again to live in hope.

Anne Wall

Coffee shop

Those mornings in the coffee shop

We never thought they’d have to stop

But here we are all stuck at home

And some of you are home alone

So I thought I’d send a little rhyme

I’m thinking of you – and I’ve lots of time!

We’ve shared so much across the years

A lot of laughter and of course some tears

So sometime in the future when we meet

(Please can I still have the window seat?)

Let’s look ahead and all be good

Stay home indoors just as we should

Then hopefully we’ll all come through

Dear friends, it will be so nice to see you.

Betty Woodhams, Sowerby.