SPECIAL Constables across North Yorkshire have done over 2,300 hours of work supporting police as they battled to cope with the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chief Constable Lisa Winward applauded the 55 officers who have backed up regular colleagues responding to emergencies and working with the public, explaining, encouraging and enforcing government guidelines.

Special constables have the same power and uniform as full time police but volunteer part-time. Ms Winward said: "The dedication from our Special Constabulary has been nothing short of extraordinary. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to every one for selflessly stepping forward as front line officers, helping us protect the public during these challenging time. They could have stayed safe at home but they have chosen to put on their uniforms to help protect the vulnerable and keep our communities safe."

Special Sergeant Nadine Slattery, from Richmondshire, a Special for ten years, has carried on volunteering while carrying on her job with the district council and home-schooling her children aged six and one. She said: “My sister is a Critical Care ICU nurse working day in day out to help people, so on a personal level it has been really important to continue volunteering so I can also protect her and our NHS."