RESIDENTS of a tiny village brought their pets, soft toys and many cakes and sandwiches outdoors to celebrate VE Day in style.

The community of Gilling West, near Richmond, didn't let the coronavirus stop them marking this important event. So taking into account social distancing the village turned out in force to celebrate.

One local said: "It really showed the community spirit. Some commemorated the day with a song, whilst others decorated their houses with homemade flags and bunting to mark the occasion.

"Each section of the village had its own gathering, strictly observing social distancing but with drinks, buns and cakes in their plenty.

"The rousing sound of well known chorus songs from the past filled the air as resident Hayley Pye and her trusty accordion visited each mini party in turn, giving all a chance to experience a feeling that some of the senior residents had experienced 75 years ago. At the end of the day, the only feeling of slight regret was thinking what this wonderful street party would have been like without Corvid-19."