THE national press has been getting very excited about lockdown measures potentially easing after this weekend.

The Sun proclaimed from yesterday's front page that we can 'sit in a park 2m from our pals', whilst the Daily Mail was most pleased that 'picnics, park trips and countryside outings' are back on.

But I'm afraid I can't share their elation.

With the UK currently having the highest coronavirus death toll in Europe, this pandemic still feels very much present - and tragically so for those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19.

And whilst our police force seems to be getting increasingly exasperated at the numbers of people travelling to North Yorkshire unnecessarily, how wise is it at the start of a bank holiday weekend to indicate that lockdown easing is but a couple of days away?

Surely it is something of a green light for those considering heading out this weekend?

Many may conclude that it makes little sense to adhere to a rule that says going out for a drive to the countryside is not OK on Sunday, but will be fine by Monday.

By which time they may be back at work, so that Sunday outing becomes very tempting.

I hope I'm wrong, but I do feel the police will be dealing with a lot more rule-breakers this bank holiday, despite their repeated warnings to stay away from beauty spots and stick to essential travel.

Maybe I'm being overly morbid, but perhaps a better message to put out the public is; the coronavirus threat is still very real, it's just that now there are enough intensive care beds to treat those struck down with this vicious virus.