Who could possibly have guessed hand sanitiser would be in such huge demand someone would actually steal it from the front of a hospital. It's impossible to argue that their need could be greater than hospital visitors and patients at the Friarage who whichever way you look at need to be as infection free as possible.

There have even been reports that people were filling up their own sanitiser bottles from the containers at the hospital.

Apart from the sheer thoughtlessness of doing it Spectator has to point out that anyone getting caught would go down forever in the annals of history. With social media as it is, not to mention the possibilities of CCTV there really always is the chance that you will be seen.

The crucial point as well here is that hand gel or sanitiser is not the best thing for the job if you want to fight coronavirus, good old soap and water and a lengthy handwash is the gold standard according to most of the expert advice Spectator has been able to tap into.

The reason apparently is that soap breaks through the envelope of fatty substance that surrounds coronavirus, and the vigorous rubbing of the hands disrupts that too. This is also particularly good if you have been sneezing into your hands.

Sanitisers fight the infection with alcohol content and beware if there is no alcohol apparently because they're not so effective and you need to ensure alcohol content is at least 60 per cent. There are some recipes around for home made sanitiser, but most contain vodka which even if it's 40 per cent alcohol it's not high enough to kill those nasty microbes. So the best advice really is the one that will achieve results, hand washing is the key, and Spectator says fell free to sing or not.