AN archaeological site which has given a unique insight into the life of hunter gatherers 11,000 years ago has been named the Research Project of the Year.

Among the finds at Star Carr, near Scarborough in North Yorkshire was a reindeer headdress from 9,000 BC which featured in a series of special stamps.

It is celebrated as Britain's most important Mesolithic site, from the middle stone age between 9,000 and 4,000 BC and was home to extensive hunter gatherer settlements on the shores of a huge lake. The finds unearthed over the past 70 years have given insights into a little understood period of Britain's and Europe's ancient history. Alongside the headdresses were bone harpoons, amber jewellery and carpentry, all amazingly preserved in peat.

The award was presented by Current Archaeology Magazine. Professor Nicky Milner of the University of York said: "It has been such a privilege to work at this site, but also to be able to share our discoveries with such an interested public audience. We hope we have inspired many people."