OVER the course of 24-hours, two artists will set 1,440 wrist watch alarms, one for each of the significant times contributed by members of the public, to create a sonic sculpture.

Artists Gillian Jane Lees from Glasgow and Adam York Gregory from the North West have collaborated to bring the project to Arc Stockton Arts Centre that will look at how we experience time.

Gillian said: "Your first reaction might be that it's the time you set your alarm for, the time you get up most mornings, but maybe there are other times too. Does a particular time of the day or night remind you of someone, or something? Does it remind you of being somewhere specific, in The Tees Valley or somewhere else? Is there a time in the day or night that you look forward to or not? We would like you to consider your relationship with time, and what it means to you specifically. There are no wrong answers."

The 24-hour long performance of the watches being set to times chosen by the public will take place at Wellington Square, from midday on Wednesday, March 25 until midday on Thursday, March 26.

The installation of watches will then remain in situ until midday on Friday, March 27.

Following the performance-installation, a book containing each of the times and the reasons for their significance will be officially donated to and housed in Stockton as a legacy of the project in an accessible location for the public to consult.

The project consists of two parts, the collection of times and reasons for their importance, and the 24 hour-long performance.

Gillian said: "We’ve been collecting times and reasons since the start of January and are keen to spread the word to ensure as many people know about the project as possible - we want to lower the barriers to access as much as possible, and recognise that people can only opt ‘in’ if they already frequent the places where things are being advertised. As a result, we are trying to reach out to as many people in Stockton and Tees Valley as possible to help us really understand your local community, and represent as many people as possible in the project. Taking The Time is free, anonymous and has no age limit, it really is for everyone."

To take part simply follow the link and drop in your time and reason here takingthetime.org before March 14.