A SMALL Wensleydale school has been given a top rating at a recent church school inspection.

After their Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS), Bainbridge C of E Primary School was awarded an overall good, which is the highest grade an inspector can award under the new inspection framework. The school was also awarded a good grade for the impact of collective worship.

The inspectors said: “The Christian vision is lived out in school, home and with the local church community working closely together.”

This vision is also seen in the way the school supports local charities, linking their actions to the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which underpins the school’s vision.

As the inspection took place on a Friday, inspectors were able to see children being educated in different groupings to those they are taught in for the remainder of the week.

This teaching arrangement occurs every week. It is described as “inclusive and inspirational” and reflected that “leaders have made bold decisions about where pupils are taught so that they can develop both socially and academically”.

Other comments were: “Worship is an indispensable part of school life with pupils’ attitude to prayer being very positive which means that in difficult times in life, pupils are able to draw on reflection and prayer for support and encouragement.” This is underpinned by links with the local church community.

A school spokesman said: “The next inspection will be in five years by which time we will have fully embedded our Christian vision of loving God and loving thy neighbour more deeply and we will be able to demonstrate our understanding of Christianity as a world religion in the context of other faiths.

“We are confident that we will then be able to apply to SIAMS for consideration of being an excellent church school, despite our small size and rural nature.”