OUR region's High Streets are often featured in our pages. Whether it is calling for more support, lamenting the loss of yet another store, or celebrating when things are going well, we have seen all the highs and lows over the years.

Parking is an issues that comes up time and again.

Every town seems to have had its personal tussle with its local council over how long a free-parking period it should have, and inevitably the council wants to make some cash, and understandably prevent some people from parking for free all day.

But it seems sensible to allow a decent free parking period across all High Streets – and two hours seems to be about right.

So when Northallerton High Street was told in 2015 that it would allow just 30 minutes free for shoppers, traders were up in arms.

North Yorkshire County Council said it would help the economy be freeing up spaces and keep the flow of traffic moving – something businesses say is just not happening.

In times when more shoppers prefer to head online rather than battle into town, find the illusive parking space, and get all their jobs done before the free limit ends, High Streets need all the help they can get.

Northallerton Business Improvement District finds it particularly galling that other towns in Hambleton enjoy two hours free parking, and say they just want Northallerton to stand a chance of thriving.

BID has presented a petition to NYCC appealing for change. All eyes will be on the authority for its response.