MAJOR changes are being made to complaints procedures against North Yorkshire's Police.

The Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, says the shake up of complaints handling will mean greater independence, accountability and improved customer service.

She said they are reducing bureaucracy and complexity so problems can be resolved quicker. They are also encouraging people to compliment the police where it's felt good service has been provided.

Ms Mulligan said: "Despite good people and good teams working on complaints and compliments, the public still often perceive the current system to be the police marking their own homework, which does not instil the confidence needed. These changes, and our North Yorkshire Complaints and Recognition Team, will be distinct and independent. We want to ensure the system is rigorous and efficient, so residents have confidence, but is also fair for officers and staff of North Yorkshire Police. The police are still a key part of the process and the new team will work with them to make sure complaints are resolved appropriately and quickly."