A HEADTEACHER has not given up hope that a wind farm might one day be built at his school.

Tony Hobbs believes such a venture could eventually happen at Bydales School, which overlooks the sea on Marske's Coast Road. But he stressed that no plans were imminent.

This follows the success of 1.5kw wind turbine situated on the school building.

A large scale wind farm was proposed a few years ago when the new school was being built, but the scheme was dropped due to technical problems.

Mr Hobbs told the D&S Times after the school was officially opened on Wednesday of last week: "This is not a dream I've given up. Ours would be a super site with all the wind."

He said Bydales took the idea of renewable energy seriously. In addition to the school generating some of its energy through its small wind turbine, it also runs a small hydrogen fuel cell.

Redcar MP Vera Baird stressed the importance of technology in her opening speech. She said new industry was coming to Teesside which would need skilled workers.

She said: "This is a specialist technology college and, in recent years, young people have turned their backs on science and technology jobs."

Mr Hobbs recalled that the original school had been a secondary modern built in 1962 for £225,940 by the Stockton firm Charles Tennant. It became a comprehensive in 1971.

Governors' chairman Bill Ashton thanked the Carillion construction company, who partnered Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council in a Private Finance Initiative scheme to build the school.