A WOMAN who has been a tireless fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK since getting her own diagnosis five year ago is looking for help in making adaptations to her home.

Leah Forster, from Romanby, Northallerton, has raised more than £30,000 for the charity with a series of fundraising events, including a zip wire off the Tyne Bridge.

Last year she was invited to Buckingham Palace for an evening reception, and in May has been asked to return for a garden party with the Queen in honour of her dedication to helping others.

But now, Mrs Forster is asking for help for herself – but says she doesn’t want to take away any of the cash she could send to Parkinson’s UK.

She said: “I’m looking for anyone who can help me source materials at cost, or volunteer to give a bit of their time.

“After a medical assessment from my occupational therapist, she recommended that long-term I will need adaptations to my home of a downstairs wet room and bedroom, because I have had a few falls recently and the stairs are getting more difficult for me to manage.

“But because I still work part-time as a teaching assistant at Brompton Primary School, I don’t qualify for any grant funding. I understand that’s just how it is, but I can’t afford to pay for the work, and I don’t want to have to fundraise just for myself when the money could go to Parkinson’s UK to help find a cure.

“If anyone can give a bit of time, expertise, or materials, I’d be so grateful!”

Mrs Forster said the last five years since her diagnosis have been terrifying, but also life-enriching in other ways.

She said: “I have met the most amazing people, and the people of Northallerton have been so generous and kind whenever I’ve held a fundraising event.

“My two sons, 17 and 21, and my husband, do so much to help me at home. It has changed us all but in some ways for the better. I appreciate life and I think it has made me a better person.”

She added: "Going to Buckingham Palace was wonderful. It was very special and quite overwhelming.

"To be invited back again is even more lovely, I'm really excited and honoured to have been selected."

Anyone who can help Mrs Forster can contact her on leahforster72@icloud.com.