IT seems astonishing but the C word has been used within two weeks of the whole event seemingly being over. The ten great and good souls who make up Bedale Town Council raised the spectre of Christmas 2020 in January with the best of intentions, to be prepared.

The town's Christmas lights have become a matter of some pride in the community and for the council who are responsible for them. Theirs consist of long strings of bulbs which do create a warm and jolly glow around the Market Place with a few added lamppost features.

It has apparently been remarked that they are better than those of many other neighbouring towns. But they are getting on and apparently it's getting harder and harder to locate the bulbs to ensure the christmas lights keep shining. So councillors have been investigating new possibilities, still along the same lines of strings of lights but with updated cost effective bulbs. It could cost up to £4,000 but they''re looking at it on a long term basis so there is no big sting in the tail for Santa this December.

They're also looking at getting a Christmas tree for the bypass roundabout, which did seem neglected this year next to the jolly family of deer with their Rudolf red noses. That's a tricky one though and has to be intensively negotiated with Highways in case of obstructions for traffic. In the meantime some very unfestive folk snapped the saplings planted next to the deer which were supposed to grow into glorious trees. However the town council has been offered some cherry trees which could be slipped in very handily in the space next to the deer. So it seems there are solutions to all these Christmas conundrums, but for Spectator that's enough, no more till at least November.