VITAL help to offer children and adults in Zambia the chance to be able to see clearly thanks to recycled donated glasses is being celebrated by a North Yorkshire company.

Working with Vision Aid Overseas the Specsavers store in Whitby has collected over 3,800 pairs of second hand glasses which are used to help fund centres in Zambia and other parts of the developing world where people are in need. Now the campaign is continuing into 2020.

Sophie Harland, Store Director at Specsavers Whitby said: "We really would like to thank all of our customers who helped us on this project recently and please do keep bringing in your glasses. Every single pair will make a difference in Africa.

"In a country where opticians’ services are readily available, such as the UK, it is easy to take our vision for granted. In the developing world, the provision of optical services has a real impact on peoples’ lives.

"So we are asking everyone to check through their drawers and dig down the back of the sofa to find their unwanted and unused glasses and bring them into us where we can make sure each and every pair goes to a good use."

A spokesperson for Vision Aid Overseas said: "All the collected glasses are recycled and the money made is used to help provide eyecare in developing countries through establishing vision centres and training local staff.

"Poverty is more than a lack of income and resources. Limited access to quality education and basic health care services can contribute to the devastating cycle of poverty across many developing countries. Vision Aid Overseas works to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, economic status and geographical location, has access to affordable eye care services and glasses."

"Vision Aid Overseas works to donate, recycle and transform. We stopped sending donated second-hand glasses in 2010 when the World Health Organisation recommended it was not the best way to establish sustainable eye care. Instead, we recycle them using their precious metal content, plastic glass lenses and any retro or vintage specs are sold."