TWO bogus charity workers have been jailed after claiming they represented a charity for deaf people and then burgled and stole from elderly victims.

Daniella Stoica, 21, also pretended that she was deaf to add to the deception. Alongside her accomplice 20 year-old Monica Lilly the pair were jailed for four years and two months after pleading guilty to six burglaries and ten counts of fraud.

North Yorkshire police were alerted to the pair after they were seen going from door to door preying on vulnerable people in their own homes. Carrying false documentation they tricked their way in and distracted homeowners by asking for water or to use their toilets so they could search other rooms.

Some victims said Stoica also pretended she was deaf. The pair appeared at Leeds Crown Court where prosecutors said they were found with stolen jewellery, cash, a clip board and a 'donation sheet' listing details of those who had been tricked by their deception and donated money for the charity.

The pair who were from Manchester and Leeds were caught in Tadcaster, but had been operating in a wider area. North Yorkshire Police say the case is a warning for residents to be on their guard to stop and using a spy hole or chain check who is at their door, not letting people in they do not know.

Detective Constable Paul Carey said: "Stoica and Lilly preyed upon elderly victims, not only tricking their way into their homes to steal cash and sentimental items, but also ripping away their peace of mind of feeling safe in their own homes. It is no wonder some of those targeted are left worrying about who comes to their door. I hope this sentence offers some comfort and closure to them now Stoica and Lilly are behind bars."