THE recent growth of the market for holiday housing means more and more country cottages, holiday parks, and similar new builds are being constructed.

Owners of such venues understand the necessities of ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted experience for guests in all areas – including unglamorous yet vital facilities like proper waste drainage.

How many holidays have been ruined because of badly-working drains or toilet facilities? In many cases, this unpleasantly memorable experience is the result of a broken or poorly maintained pump.

Luckily for North-East holiday operators – and indeed anyone who relies on a submersible pump – Associated Maintenance Services Ltd. (AMS) is on-hand to make sure this never happens to you or your customers.

Managing director, Jeff Alderson, said: “Early in my career, I was taught the golden rule of business that I still follow today: be clear and straight about what you’re going to do, get it done swiftly with a minimum of fuss, and at a fair agreed cost.

“This business is built on meeting our customers’ needs, and on always treating them fairly.”

The father of three trained as mechanic with Forge Diesel Services, in Darlington, and spent his career repairing machinery for major firms all over the region, before launching his own company in 2015.

He said: “I wanted to put the skills I’ve learned over nearly thirty years to good use, and I spotted that there was a need for a reliable company to provide, install, and service submersible pumps, alongside more general repair services.”

Alternate waste solutions, such as septic tanks, are becoming ever more popular in rural locations, or in areas where connecting a dwelling to the main sewers would be difficult or expensive.

In these situations, having a reliable team like AMS on-hand to deal with any unexpected circumstances is vital. The Bishop Auckland-based business not only sells and installs new, used, and refurbished pumps, but it also services and repairs units throughout the region.

Jeff said: “My goal is to provide a service that anticipates customers’ needs – that’s why I have a workshop full of different pumps just sitting there, waiting for the day they’re needed.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times a new client has rung up and asked us to come and repair a pump, and they’re maybe resigned to closing their facility down while we do the work. That can mean a couple of weeks of lost business for them, and that’s not right.

“They’re delighted when I explain I can substitute their pump for one of my spares while I make the repairs, and eliminate their downtime. They can keep their doors open and keep the business rolling on, while I get their systems back up and running.”

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