A WOMAN has set off on her journey to Lesvos loaded with supplies and messages of positivity to give to refugees.

Clarey Wrighton has spent a number of months preparing for her trip which will take her almost 4,000 miles in a van to the Greek island.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

While there, the Darlington mother will spend several days giving help to Refugee Rescue which runs search and rescue boats in Lesvos and provides on-land assistance when refugees come to shore.

Following an appeal for donations in September, Mrs Wrighton found herself overwhelmed with shoes, toiletries and warm clothing - filling not only her van but enough for a container which will be send to the island later in the year.

Mrs Wrightson, who works for Darlington Assistance for Refugees (DAR) while at home, visited Yarm School where she was also presented with positive handwritten messages from its students to be packaged up as a surprise inside coat pockets.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

She said: "The hope is that they will find these little positive messages from a person they have never met and it might just cheer them up to know there are people who are thinking about them."

Travelling with a friend, Mrs Wrightson's journey began on the evening of October 30 and it will take them around three days to arrive.

Updates are being posted online on DAR's Facebook page as the pair cross Europe on their delivery voyage.

Speaking before she left, Mrs Wrightson added: "I'm feeling excited but a little bit nervous.

"I'm nervous about what the situation will be when I get there and seeing the realities of the problem in real life.

"I am really delighted with what we have collected to take with us and what we have achieved with our appeal. The van is packed to the rafters so we only have enough room to bring one change of clothing each for ourselves

"It does feel like a culmination of a lot of hard work and a long time of preparation so I'm looking forward to get going."

Mrs Wrightson and her friend are due to arrive at the Greek island of Lesvos within the coming days .

To follow updates about Mrs Wrightson's journey and the delivery of the donations, visit DAR's Facebook page at facebook.com/DarlingtonAssistanceForRefugees/