HOW intriguing that Mowbray School in Bedale is opening it's very own shop. Education is a complex and mind boggling concept at the best of times and many greater minds than Spectator's have grappled with it. How to encourage young people and instil in them a thirst for knowledge and interest in acquiring the crucial experience and wherewithal vital for their futures.

Getting the youngsters involved in their own shop does seem inspired because importantly it will be theirs. And while hopefully many people will go in to see what's on offer and meet the children it will give the youngsters a chance to get acquainted with new people amid the comfortable support of the teachers and helpers they know.

Mowbray's enlightened leaders have often pushed the traditional ideas of school, establishing a farm on the site to encourage the children to learn and develop through contact with animals and nature. So it will be interesting to see how The Shop develops, you tend to think both the youngsters and the customers can learn a lot from each other.

CONGRATULATIONS have to go to another Bedale phenomenon Autograss Champion James Bowe. Ok it's his passion that has earned him the double triumph of the British and National championships, but financially there is really nothing in it for him. As an amateur he mostly just gets the glory of winning in a car he built himself.

So dedication is really the name of the game here. James mostly works full time building cars for other people and spends his spare time building cars for himself. And now he's won the double accolade what could be next, hanging onto the titles next year of course he says.