NIGEL and Polly Peary opened their new Micro pub in Stokesley on Friday, August 9, and trade was brisk and comments very favourable.

The space, which has been a craft shop and a barbers, has been lovingly transformed into an intimate and welcoming space. Walls have been knocked down, and a cellar created from the old kitchen. Nigel’s son Luke, who is a tree surgeon, has created tables, benches and the bar out of 8ft pieces of beech wood from the area. Local builders, electricians and tradespeople have worked to bring the dream of the couple to life.

Nigel is an engineer and Polly worked with special needs children, and they have lived in the area since 1983, but Nigel’s work meant he had to travel frequently and three years ago they decided to look for premises for a micro pub to run together near their home, fulfilling Nigel’s passion and interest in real ale.

“We stock two local real ales, one being a guest beer, gin, wines, cider and bottled beer” said Nigel, "and we wanted the right place, which was small enough for people to talk to each other and have a good night. We intend to have special nights which include cocktails and also a traditional English Night with food and ale. We have a room upstairs and people have shown an interest in hiring it for a meeting room, and we are in talks with the bridal shop next door about serving prosecco to their customers.”

They have also been given a helping hand by Polly’s son, Simon Joyce, who is the bar manager from the Mill. “We were so keen on getting the building and the beer right, that when the till arrived we didn’t know what to do with it,” said Polly.” Also we learnt how to price the stock and cash up, so he has been a huge help.”

They liked the name the Green Man because of its per-Christian symbolism with links with the earth and the countryside.” It is a symbol of Spring and re-birth, “said Nigel, “so we thought that it was a good name for our new business.”

Jan Hunter