A FAMILY-RUN distillery which faced hardships earlier this year has been awarded a national accolade for its 'true resilience in the face of adversity'.

Masons Yorkshire Gin, founded by Karl and Cathy Mason in 2013, received a ‘Special Recognition’ award at the tenth National Family Business Awards.

Upon announcing the award Anita Brightley-Hodges, the founder of the awards, commented on Masons' resilience following the devastating fire which hit the distillery earlier this year.

She gave great praise that within 24 hours the team were sat around the Mason's dining room table, working on their next move and managing to keep all staff fully employed.

The announcement of the award resulted in a standing ovation from the crowd.

Karl Mason said: “I am thrilled and so proud of what we have achieved, after what has been a challenging year.

"Masons is a business built by its people and we wouldn’t have achieved where we are today without every member of our team being resilient and driving Masons onwards and upwards.

"To get such as fantastic reception at the awards was truly humbling."

Last month, Masons Gin launched a new drink, named Smouldering Heights, to represent the business' recovery from the fire which had devastated their factory in Bedale last April. Since the fire, the pair have vowed to take the firm onto “bigger and better” things.