SCIENCE was the buzz word at the Great Yorkshire Show this week with farmers and landowners all promoting the need and indeed the desire to look to the future hand in hand. Spectator can see that the agricultural community is well aware, and to be fair has been for sometime that the future is green.

They are of course well placed to capitalise on this while the debates rage on about how to combat climate change, get to the highly tricky zero emissions target and work with the environment rather than piling on the pressure.

Sarah Hendry of the Country Land and Business Association was desperate to point out that they are keen to grasp the challenge and not see it as a threat. Tree planting, carbon offset, flood alleviation it's all forward thinking stuff.

The theme continued with the NFU, President Minette Batters and Sheffield University Sustainability expert Meg Lewis batted home the message at their press conference discussing the many and varied possibilities being explored from fertiliser pellets from CO2 emissions to plant engineering and all sorts of innovative ideas and developments beyond.

It's tempting to say it's not rocket sicence this idea of varied groups working together for the greater good, but you get the feeling there's a bigger buzz going round now. The Show was certainly a hotbed of new ideas including electric all-terrain vehicles and a real emphasis on celebrating what we do and what we make in this region. While Spectator would always hesitate to plummet into cliches the saying "necessity is the mother of invention" never seemed so apt.

The fly in the ointment for many was the political turmoil of Brexit, shame we can't ask the scientists to sort that out.