Hannah Russell outside her new shop in Leyburn : Russell Home Interior and Gifts

A YOUNG business woman has now opened a second shop in Leyburn, expanding her ever-increasing portfolio of interests.

Author Hannah Russell first entered the business world in her teenage years with books and a magazine based on the adventures on her best friend Little Alf, a miniature Shetland pony. Two years ago along with her mother Sharon they opened their own shop in Leyburn selling both her own merchandise and Sharon’s Quirky Cow paintings and associated products.

Her latest venture, an interior design shop: “Russell Home Interior and Gifts “opened last week in Leyburn Market Square. She explained: “I was asked if I wanted the shop and I have always been interested in having it as I worked here for three years when I was at school.

“I was always keen on interior design and it feels just right here.”

The two Leyburn-based businesses are a family affair, her mum Sharon helps enormously, with her grandmother and an assistant Sheridan to help as well. Dad Mike also works behind the scenes.

Ms Russell’s many business plates she must keep spinning include: the Little Alf books, magazines and associated merchandise; helping mum with Quirky Cows; the Pink Fitness Boutique ; she is an ambassador for Help Rhinos and Brooke’s animal charity; she gives talks on her life story and has a successful career as a model.

She commented: “Our opening day was very busy with many of our friends, relatives and local businesses calling in to wish us well.”