By Philip Sedgwick

A NEW company with experience drawn from some of the world’s leading organisations is set to enter into a partnership that will transform Western Europe’s largest military base.

With several housing projects not yet off the ground, despite having the required planning permission, at Catterick Garrison, MODARM a Seaham-based company is presently in talks with the Ministry of Defence.

They intend to form a public/private partnership to encompass a more joined-up approach towards the future development of Catterick Garrison.

MODARM came into being six months ago and is made up of highly-experienced people who have worked for and alongside many of the world’s leading companies. Their skills encompass the world of finance, property development and business strategy with experience of working with both the military and security services.

Their interim CEO is Dan England. He explained: “The development of the Garrison seemed very piecemeal and it became apparent there was a need for joined-up thinking. There is a great deal that we could do in a partnership with the military and local authorities.

“Having approached the MoD and after an initial cold response we are presently in talks and near to reaching an agreement.

We see this as a 10-20 year partnership with the MoD, North Yorkshire and Richmondshire Councils.”

In what is the equivalent of a small town, Catterick Garrison has 12,000 soldiers plus 8,000 dependants resident. It houses 12 major and many smaller units. It is envisaged that MODARM will take over some of the large housing projects in a partnership with the MoD, the details of which are still being finalised.

The company also have grand plans for the area. These include improving the infrastructure and attracting investment from large companies and renewable energy firms who could be housed on a business park alongside MODARM’s proposed offices on the Garrison.

The company also propose to set up a community fund whereby groups and individuals can apply for grants and a percentage of any profits would go to the Army Benevolent Fund.

L Col Joe Jordan, who until recently was the Garrison Commander and has worked with MODARM, said: “This is an exciting project and is just what the Army and the service personnel deserve.”