NORTH Yorkshire Police bosses are set to hit a long-held target of 1,400 frontline officers - numbers not seen since 2010.

When Lisa Winward stepped into the chief constable role last year she said that the force “should have 1,400 officers” but despite numerous recruitment campaigns since 2010, that number has never been met.

However, Chief Constable Winward has now revealed that, thanks in part to a police precept increase, the force is due to meet its target within weeks.

She said: “The actual number of people working in the organisation is 1,379, however we have offered jobs to take that number to 1,401, who are coming at an agreed date so by the end of May, we will have 28 transferees coming and people we have offered jobs to.

“Student officers coming into the organisation take longer because of the recruitment process being much longer and selection process, interview and vetting, so we have done a blended approach to student officers and transferees to gain skills.

“We need that mix, fresh pairs of eyes and as of April this year we had offered positions to over 1,400 but physically don’t have those numbers - actual officer numbers were 1,379.”

Darlington and Stockton Times:

Projected figures show an intake of transferees, student officers and new recruits should see the ranks swell to 1,423.

This is made up of 197 PCSOs in the first quarter of this financial year, with targets of 1,450 in the second quarter, 1,456 officers and 217 PCSOs in the third quarter, and 1,465 officers and 228 PCSOs by the end of April 2020.

The chief constable warned these numbers were subject to change, but she was keen to get as close to them as possible, and said the loss of officers in the meantime could not always be predicted and could affect future numbers.

She said: “I truly believe that when we tell the public they are paying their taxes to assist us and deliver a service with 1,400 officers, we should have 1,400 officers, and should recruit in excess of that because we know attrition rate isn’t always predictable." She added: “Ill health, transferees to other forces or retention cannot always be predicted.