LAST week’s local election delivered an overwhelming change at Darlington Borough Council.

Labour lost control of the local authority for the first time since the 1980s with the Conservatives on 22 seats, Labour 20, Liberal Democrats three, Independent three, and Greens two.

List of elected candidates:

Bank Top and Lascelles:

Crumbie, Helen, Lab; Newall, Maureen Wendy, Lab; Wright, Darrien, Ind.

Brinkburn and Faverdale:

Durham, Scott William, Con; Mills, Rachel Clara, Con; Preston, Valerie Lisa, Con.


Baldwin, Paul James, Lab; Cossins, Janet, Lab; Heslop, Edwin George, Lab.


Holroyd, Bryony Hannah, Green; Snedker, Matthew Charles, Green.


Dulston, Jonathan Thomas, Con; Nicholson, Kevin Barry, Ind; Tait, Steven James, Ind.

Harrowgate Hill:

Bell, Ian Stuart, Con; Clarke, Jonathan, Con; Paley, Lynn, Lab.

Haughton and Springfield:

McEwan, Christopher Paul, Lab; Scott, Andrew John, Lab; Wallis, Nicholas Victor, Lab.

Heighington and Coniscliffe:

Crudass, Paul, Con; Lee, Gerald Garfield, Con.


Howell, Paul, Con; Johnson, Charles Vincent, Con.


Chou, Christy Wah Keung, Con; Tostevin, Lorraine Kristin, Con.


Culley, Pauline, Con; Marshall, Alan James, Con.


Lister, Eleanor Jane, Lab; Miah, Syeda Sajna, Lab.

North Road:

Allen, Hilary, Lib Dem; Boddy, Nigel Frederick, Lib Dem; Curry, Anne-Marie, Lib Dem.

Park East:

Hughes, Cynthia Lynn, Lab; McCollom, Elizabeth Mary, Lab; Nicholson, Michael Robert, Lab.

Park West:

Donoghue, Robert, Con; Scott, Heather Irene, Con.


Harker, Stephen James, Lab; Hughes, Linda, Lab; Layton, Maryclaire, Lab.

Red Hall and Lingfield:

Howarth, Sam, Lab; Lucas, Hilary, Lab.

Sadberge and Middleton St George:

Jones, Brian, Con; Jones, Doris Mary, Con; Laing, Deborah, Con.


Haszeldine, Ian George, Lab; Renton, Michael Francis, Con.


Bartch, Jamie Luke, Con; Keir, Andrew, Con.

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