EASTER was celebrated by a small group of early-rising Christians at the summit of Wensleydale’s highest peak.

Having endured rather wintery conditions with some snow last year, a group of worshippers held an early morning Easter Sunday service, 1,814 feet above sea level at the top of Penhill near Leyburn and were blessed with dry, warm conditions.

The event has taken place for several years; although in 2008 only one person made the summit due to thick snow.

Recently, similar acts of worship have blossomed at: Leyburn Shawl, Pinkers Pond in Middleham, and at Semerwater. This, however has seen numbers slightly decline at the Penhill service.

With the weather outstandingly good the service was led by Liz Haythornthwaite from West Burton and had two dogs to accompany the singing.

Dr Robert Hall has been attending the Son-Rise service for several years. He said: “It’s great that other Christian communities have been strong enough to develop their own services.

“So this year, Penhill Sonrise has rather gone back to the local Methodists, as it was when we Penhill Anglicans first joined too.”