A THEATRE company is getting ready to hit the road with its brand new comedy.

Badapple Theatre Company is busy putting the final touches to The Frozen Roman, before it tours all over the country from Thursday, April 25.

The comedy follows a group of hapless villagers who regard plans for a new building development in their midst as a threat to their quiet way of life. A clandestine meeting at the pub gets heated as the villagers rack their brains for new ways to fight the development. The discovery of an ancient Roman burial site under foot could throw them a lifeline if they can somehow authenticate the existence of their findings, but things aren’t always what they seem!

Expect a customary dose of Badapple humour as the situation goes “ballisticus maximus”!

With the debate still raging nationally over where to build new houses, Badapple’s artistic director and Frozen Roman writer Kate Bramley noticed a common theme of protest in small rural communities.

She said: “It's a subject that affects many of the places we travel to and even our own home base of Green Hammerton in North Yorkshire. There's always a level of excitement locally when developers have to get the archaeologists in, just in case they find another part of the Roman road heading North!”

The actors from the play will also lend their professional expertise to Badapple Youth Theatre’s ‘Big Show’ in June when 27 participants aged seven to 13 will perform See you later, Gladiator funded by Big Lottery.

The Frozen Roman actors Jack Alexander, Emma Bright and Jack Wagman will assist the Youth Theatre teachers while mentoring the young actors during their eight-week rehearsal process. Designer Catherine Dawn will also work with the Youth Theatre company, giving a further professional lift to the final performance.

Meanwhile, the world première of The Frozen Roman takes place on Thursday, April 25, at Stillingfleet Village Institute, near York, then tours nationally (with thanks to Arts Council England support.) For the past 20 years, Badapple Theatre Company has been taking productions to the smallest of rural venues, and in doing so find the best of new theatre in the most unexpected of places.

The Frozen Roman stars Jack Alexander (Lowry/ Derby Playhouse), Emma Bright (founder of Middle Child Theatre) and Jack Wagman (ALRA North) with original songs and music by Jez Lowe (Sony award-winning singer songwriter, BBC Radio 2 'Radio Ballads' project and 2017 BBC Radio 2 collaboration with Michael Morpurgo ‘Alone on a Wide Wide Sea’ featuring Jason Donovan). Design is by long-term collaborator Catherine Dawn and lighting design by John Bramley.

For more information, see www.badapletheatre.com.