LEADING industry figures have taken part in an event to develop ways of closing the national skills gap.

TTE Technical Institute played host to the event where evidence was collected to inform the inquiry Future of the Skills System, undertaken jointly by Learning and Work Institute and Policy Connect and funded by the Further Education Trust for Leadership.

The discussion was chaired by Fiona Aldridge, Director of Policy and Research, Learning and Work Institute.

Steve Grant, the chief executive of TTE, said: “It was really positive to welcome participants from across industry and education to TTE for this discussion. I hope it will have a positive impact on the Learning and Work Institute and Policy Connect’s important report.

“Roundtable events are important to share ideas, knowledge and best practice to ensure people across all industries have the right skills and competencies to help companies remain competitive in a global economy.”

To contribute to the discussion visit www.policyconnect.org.uk