A REVAMP of a hotel bar has been completed at Walworth Castle.

Owner Rachel and Chris Swain, who took over the venue in 2000, have invested £50,000 in the 1189 Bar and Kitchen, named after the year the hotel dates back to.

Mrs Swain said: “We wanted to provide a casual eating space with a comforting menu, providing everything from light snacks to Chateaubriand. Chris and I are completely passionate about Walworth Castle and its been our life's work to getting Walworth Castle where it is today."

The hotel is steeped in history with the castle dating back to 1189, initially owned by the Hansard family who were famous for chronicling debates in the Houses of Parliament, which can still be seen today in the Library Tower.

Mr Swain added: “ You can never rest on your laurels in such a fast moving industry. We are always striving to improve what we offer and this is the reason for launching 1189 Bar and Kitchen.”

For enquiries or bookings, please contact 01325 485470 or visit www.walworthcastle.co.uk