A BOARDING school has excelled in its latest inspection which "impressed" its regulatory body.

The Aysgarth Boys School, near Bedale, received its latest results from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The school, which was founded in 1877, teaches girls and boys from 3 to 8, whilst it teaches and 'prepares' boys fro senior school, who are aged 8 to 13.

Rob Morse, Aysgarth School headmaster said: “The report is, as one would hope, excellent and the school has been adjudged to sit in the highest possible category in every aspect of inspection. "Furthermore, the inspectors were truly impressed by all they saw and it is extremely rare for adjectives such as exemplary to make their way into what are habitually the blandest of documents.

"Their oral feedback was extraordinary."

The inspection took place before the Christmas break.

The report looked at educational quality and regulatory compliance.

This included, exploring how the school is able to demonstrate the level of knowledge in its pupils, and their abilities.